Split vinyl w/ Clipwing

by Icons Down!

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released July 1, 2013

Lyrics by Greg Legarand, music by Icons Down!



all rights reserved


Icons Down! Lille, France

We're a rock band from Lille, France. For more information, please check our Facebook page : www.facebook.com/iconsdown

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Track Name: Behind the wall
Bound to our passion, that 8 hour drives and money loss can't erode.
Away from home, we got offered a place to stay when you opened the door.

Tell me about your story so far, show me the way you live
We'll keep in touch, I'll spread your words.
We haven't been through the same things, but we can share so much
I won't forget once I'm back home

I don't mind sleeping on cold floors when it's warm inside
I feel touched when you've got nothing but give what have
Sometimes brought on a pedestal then I should build statues of you all with the stones left from the wall

Beer and gin fueled nightlong chats while sitting on the concrete pavement.
Bright lights afar will never shine more than what we've got in our hearts.

It's hard to figure out you lived into struggle
It's hard to figure out the social pressure
It's just about you and me on each side of the wall.
Track Name: Hard will be the fall
I wake up every morning with a headache, sometimes booze mouth.
Empty bottles as evidence of this decay.
Even a thirty minute shower can't help clearing the blur
that stands on my eyes for so many days.

I can't go out of the daily grind, can't switch the autopilot off.
I've convinced myself for years I need this to carry on.
I'm hanging on a rope, its threads breaking one by one.
Every clock ticks as reminders of how hard could be the fall.

And hard will be the fall ...
I'm losing grip but I can get higher 'cause it won't hurt until I hit the ground.

I guess I could survive the brainwash but my contracted loans are 15 inch nails
sticking me to this rotting wooden plank called ... career.
Caffeine and adrenalin, whisky shots and bitter pills
The more I get, the more I need and I cure my stress with cocaine.

As we rise, we dig our graves for the sake of the hand that feeds
and we never deserve the right to be decently buried.
But no matter what you can say and
Despite all of this I have to clearly face that I love my fucking job after all.
Track Name: Until it breaks
We use to bend as weeds, no matter how strong the winds blow.
Flirting with the red line running along the way we go
We know what sacrifice and dedication mean
For a long time our pockets are empty

Poorer we are, harder we come. Party with us once, we'll be back for more !
Feed the machine, use the device, put it under pressure and get some moer watts
Blown tire ? Unscrew a few bolts ! Engine oil leaks ? It sucks but drive on !
Solutions better than any excuse found, we'll question ourselves once we're back home
There's no problem while it bends, let's carry on until it breaks !

Flirting with the red line running along the way we go
We know what dedication means
Our pockets are empty

Long way home, job half done, tomorrow we know we'll have to face in the mirror and see what our sweat is worth.

No regret, no remorse, because at least it could be worse
Sometimes life's a struggle but we challenge it as it comes
No regret, no remorse, because at least it could be worse
We've bound our fate to death, no matter what it takes
We've granted ourselves the right to make it bend
And if it bends too much, we'll see what happens ... until it breaks
Track Name: Storytellers
Many storytellers out there use to say how fantastic the world and its marvels are
Just pack your bag, fare your friends well, cross the river and ...

There's no boat left for a long time, not a single bridge in sight.
The opposite bank is unreachable while you don't enter the water
What do you fear the most ? Go with the flow and break your bones down the waterfall
Or wait for a drought that never comes

We all know, we don't know what tomorrow is made
So follow the white rabbit down the hole before it's too late
So keep the blue pill for yourself, I told you I chose mine red.

I used to fear ghosts and shades
Stuck in my ignorance
I had it explained that all of these are in my head.
I don't fear distant howls
Anyway, anymore
Wolves would never hunt a prey like me.

Many ways to cross a river, but I can't bridge oceans
If you want to know what's over, you've got to dive into the unknown
What do your fear the most ? Feel left alone with your own thoughts
Once everyone has sailed, leaving you here, in this bleak place.

I am one of those storytellers out there !
I am one of those storytellers and I was down and out when I was a kid like you, afraid of the dark.
Then I realised I can try to chase the rainbows by myself. I am one of those storytellers out there.